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Artful Design is the integration of design philosophy and the nuts-and-bolts craft of making things. On this section of Artful Design TV you will find a growing set of coding tutorials for creating interactive audiovisual software, and strategies and best practices for architecting such systems. As we populate this Tutorials section, we will offer audio programming tutorials in the ChucK music programming language and interative audiovisual tutorials in Chunity (ChucK in Unity).

Coding Tutorial #2 (Chunity): "Chicken Sequencer": Sound , Graphics, Interaction — Artful Design TV (70 minutes)
YouTube | Vimeo | file from tutorials: chickencer.unitypackage
This tutorials shows how to build a very simple but very precisely-timed music sequencer in Chunity. We will show how to architect the system to ensure precise musical timing, as we integrate real-time audio, graphics, and interaction across ChucK and Unity.

Coding Tutorial #1 (Unity): "HelloAudioVisualizer": A Real-time Audio Visualizer (80 minutes)
YouTube | Vimeo
In this first tutorial, we will code up a simple real-time audio visualizer from scratch in Unity. It reads audio from the microphone and draws both a time-domain sound wave and a frequency domain magnitude spectrum. Fun!

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