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all-new!DSN100: Artful Design
How We Shape Technolgoy and Technology Shapes Us

A Stanford Continuing Studies course

THINK66: Design that Understands Us
A Stanford University Thinking Matters course

Music256a / CS476a: Music, Computing, Design
A Stanford University artful design course

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Here are some additional materials, adapted from Artful Design, for teaching design (at the intersection of engineering, art, the humanities, and social sciences). Anyone, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), can use these in their classroom lectures and other public presentations. Below are a number of images, slides, and all eight Design Etudes from Artful Design. Additional teaching material will be added over time. Also check out a few courses at Stanford that use Artful Design as textbook: Music256a / CS476a: Music, Computing, Design: The Art of Design and THINK66: Design that Understands Us. Starting in Fall 2020, Ge is teaching an online Stanford Continuing Studies course DSN100: Artful Design: How We Shape Technology and How Technology Shapes Us.


Wang, Ge. Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime. Stanford University Press, 2018. (ISBN: 978-1503600522)

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"Artful Design: Manifesto"
(from the Prelude)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3) | as webpage

"Definition 8.14: The pi-shaped person"
Chapter 8 (pg. 428)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3) | jpg (16x9-b) | jpg (4x3-b) | as webpage

"Design: THX Sound Logo"
Chapter 4 (pgs. 176-181)
excerpt from Artful Design | thx.ck ChucK code | webpage

"Principle 1.1 (corrollary): Design is an act of alignment"
Chapter 1 (pg. 30)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3)

"Principle 5.1: Interaction is a loop"
Chapter 5 (pg. 206)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3)

"Interfaces' Mental Models of their Users
Chapter 5 (pg. 212-214)
piano | flute | cello | violin | drummer | interface

"Principle 1.3: Aesthetics of Artful Design"
Chapter 1 (pg. 32, 407)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3)

"Principle 7.1: Design for human connection."
Chapter 7 (pg. 354)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3)

"Model 7.2: Rings of Familiarity in Social Design"
Chapter 7 (pg. 357)
jpg (16x9) | jpg (4x3)

"Principle 8.1: What we make, makes us"
Chapter 8 (pg. 398)
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Design Etudes

"Artful Design: Design Etudes"
All Eight Design Etudes from Artful Design